w3af - (Web application vulnerabilities scanner)

  • What kind of beast is this?

    w3af is a framework designed specifically for auditing web applications. Its main goal is to directly identify and exploit detected vulnerabilities in web applications. This framework is as with a graphical environment, and in the console version.


    The w3af kernel and its plugins are completely written in Python. W3af has a wide range of plugins that can scan and scan web applications for 200+ vulnerabilities!

    Framework Homepage: http://w3af.org/


    The installation is the most standard: cloning from github repositories, unpacking and launching.

    Cloning from github repositories

    git clone https://github.com/andresriancho/w3af.git


    cd w3af




    Consider the options for this framework.

    W3af help



    w3af_console -h

    w3af_console [-s <script file>]


    -h or --help

    Show this help message

    -s <script file> or --script = <script file>

    Run the script <script file>

    -p <profile> or --profile = <profile>

    Run with selected <profile>

    -P <profile> or --profile-run = <profile>

    Run with the selected <profile> in batch mode

    -v or --version

    Show w3af version

    W3af manual (w3af_console)
    w3af >>> plugins

    w3af / plugins >>> help

    | ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- |

    | list | List of available plugins. |

    | ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- |

    | back | Go to the previous menu. |

    | exit | Exit w3af. |

    | ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- |

    | grep | View, configure and enable grep plugins |

    | audit | View, configure and enable audit plugins |

    | evasion | View, configure and enable evasion plugins |

    | crawl | View, configure, and enable crawl plugins |

    | auth | View, configure, and enable authentication plugins |

    | mangle | View, configure and enable distortion plugins |

    | output | View, configure and enable output plugins |

    | bruteforce | View, configure and enable brute force plugins |

    | infrastructure | View, configure and enable infrastructure plugins |

    | ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- |

    To find out the details for each plugin, use the desc command as follows:

    w3af / plugins >>> group_name desc plugin_name

    For instance:

    w3af / plugins >>> audit desc xss

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