Anonymity: AnonSurf.

  • AnonSurf (Anonymizer Surfing) - this application will save us a lot of time by anonymizing our entire system in TOR using IPTables, allowing us to surf anonymously and safely. It makes our life easier by installing in our system all the additional packages necessary for proper operation, and when it is launched, it will change our ip and our DNS, and Pandora will automatically overwrite the RAM. Anonsurf will change the IP address from time to time, or just when you want to restart the process to change the IP address.


    In Parrot OS it is already sewn. There is no Kali Linux.

    Download from github:

    git clone anonsurf

    Go to the folder:

    cd anonsurf

    We make the file executable:

    chmod + x

    Run the installer:


    Turn on AnonSurf:

    anonsurf start

    start - Start.

    stop - Stop.

    restart - Reboot.

    change - Change ID TOR

    status - Check operation.

    For Arch, things are much more complicated. Since AnonSurf is for Debian, there is no package for us. Using the sources, we will write the script ourselves.

    Create a folder:

    mkdir anonsurf

    We go to our folder:

    cd anonsurf

    Create the PKGBUILD file.

    nano PKGBUILD

    Enter the following code:

    pkgname = anonsurf-git
    _gitname = anonsurf
    pkgver = r44.b33f2c1
    pkgrel = 1
    pkgdesc = "A script from ParrotSec that provides a strong system-wide anonymization module"
    arch = ('any')
    url = ""
    license = ('GPLv2')
    depends = ('tor' 'iptables')
    provides = ('anonsurf')
    source = ("git + https: //")
    md5sums = ('SKIP')
    pkgver () {
    cd "$ _gitname"
    printf "r% s.% s" "$ (git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$ (git rev-parse --short HEAD)"
    build () {
    cd $ _gitname
    package () {
    cd $ _gitname
    make DESTDIR = "$ pkgdir" install

    We assemble and install the package:

    makepkg -si


    We launch:

    anonsurf start

    To access the Internet, everywhere in the settings you need to register the SOCKS5 proxy, server, port 9050.

  • Is 10 times more secure then a VPN

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