Top 3 utilities to encrypt your hard drive.

  • Top 3 utilities to encrypt your hard drive.

    I put the Snickers, that you are tormented by the question "How can I store data on disk so that no one uses them except you?" If you are tormented by this question, then here you are.

    I will talk about the top 3 utilities that will help you hide the “important” information and make it available only to you.


    Which of these programs is best, you decide. Each of them is reliably protected from remote hacking, i.e. from trying to find out your "secret" data only with the help of all kinds of software tricks, without using physical pressure. I doubt that when they begin to torture you, you will not give out your passphrase to that kind uncle who promises not to torment you anymore.

    They have a very important task. They create a file on disk that can only be accessed with a specific passphrase. Moreover, and most importantly, this file is a container file, inside which any other files and programs can be located (they can be installed and launched directly from this encrypted file).

    Properly, this file is called an encrypted disk, because after entering the password for accessing the container file, another disk will appear on your computer, recognized by the system as logical, the work with which is no different from working with any other disk on your computer. After disconnecting the drive, the logical drive disappears, it just becomes “invisible”.

    After installing any of these programs, you will be required to come up with a file name, its location and the required size. Now consider the differences and advantages of each of these programs in comparison with the other two.

    If you want to hide data from the FSB or FAPSI officers, keep in mind that the BestCrypt program is registered in the FAPSI, which means that it may have hidden opportunities for access to your data if this information is suddenly of interest to special services. However, the BestCrypt sources are available on the site (there is a version for Linux that is offered both in binaries and in sorts), and you can check this if you wish.

    There is no such data about DriveCrypt (which, however, does not mean that the FAPSI employees do not have keys to it). DriveCrypt program code has also never been published.

    PGP is generally an absolutely open system: the source code of all versions is freely distributed. If we compare the sorts of PGP 2.6.3 (far and wide studied by specialists) and PGP 8.0.2, it is easy to notice that the components responsible for encryption have not changed much (only new algorithms have appeared), which allows us to trust it.
    What unites them?

    All changes to the information in the container file occur first in RAM, that is, the hard drive always remains encrypted. Even if the computer freezes, the secret data will remain encrypted. Programs can block a hidden logical drive after a certain period of time. All of them are incredulous about temporary files (swap files).

    It is possible to encrypt all confidential information that could get into the swap file. A very effective method of hiding information stored in a swap file is to disable it altogether, while not forgetting to increase the computer's RAM.

    The physics of the hard drive is such that even if you write others over some data, the previous record will not be completely erased. With the help of modern means of magnetic microscopy (Magnetic force microscopy - MFM), they can still be restored. Using these programs, you can reliably delete files from your hard drive without leaving any traces of their existence.

    All three programs store your “secret” data in a securely encrypted form on your hard drive and provide transparent access to these data from any application program.

    They protect encrypted container files from being accidentally deleted.
    Perfectly cope with Trojan applications and viruses. The more encryption algorithms a program knows, the more difficult it is to decrypt the code that it generates.

    DriveCrypt knows the algorithms: AES, Blowfish, Tea 16, Tea 32, Des, Triple Des, Square and Misty - a total of 8 algorithms.

    BestCrypt knows Rijndael, Blowfish, Twofish and GOST 28147-89 - a total of 4 algorithms.

    PGPdisk is a PGP (cryptographic system) application and uses its own keys for encryption. Which does not mean that this is a weak encoding.

    Quite the contrary, the cipher security of this program has been tested by time. Do not forget that the longer the passphrase, the more difficult it is to decrypt it. When you come up with a passphrase, be sure to use punctuation marks and words in different registers.
    Benefits of DriveCrypt

    The latest version of DriveCrypt (DriveCrypt Plus Pack) has the ability to enter a passphrase before loading Windows: it must be entered when loading the BIOS!

    The advantage of entering a passphrase before loading OC is that no Windows program has yet been able to start, which means that the likelihood that the password will not

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