How to determine what is being followed !?

  • Hello, Hackers Academy!
    I apologize for not having been there for so long. There were problems accessing the anonymous site. An expired session.
    Well now is not about that.
    Today I will teach you to determine who is following you.
    Everyone was always wondering if anyone was following our computer, or maybe there was some kind of a styler or malware, or a miner that had access to our computer ....

    A simple program called PORT EXPERT will help us with this.

    What kind of program and how does it work !?
    This is what this software looks like ...

    And also, what did he understand?

    It shows all the connections that your computer answers ...

    I.e! If you have a hidden miner, then it works when the Internet is turned on! So this miner will respond or is somehow connected to your computer, and you will find it in this program as an incomprehensible connection.

    Everyone is always joking about the big brother and this is not a joke, I’ll tell you, my friends .. 

    Now I will show you a simple example ...

    I enter IP 2 connections, and this is exactly, I enter it into Google search ...

    And what do we see?
    Mic_osoft co_po_atond etc ...

    Thus, my Windows 10 is constantly connected to my PC 

    Also, by the same algorithm, driving IP addresses into Google requests, you can calculate almost any malware on your computer.

    A small life hack, before turning on this program, turn off all programs that work via the Internet, these are browsers and all kinds of launchers, then the list will be shortened and it will be easier to search!

    And so the school of hackers, now your homework.

    Find and download this software.
    Scan your entire PC for malicious connections, etc.!
    Well, that’s all! Good luck to everyone, bye;)!

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