The latest weapons for automated search and exploitation of vulnerabilities in a site.

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    Today I introduce you to the latest weapons for the automated search and exploitation of vulnerabilities such as xss.

    I think that you can appreciate the potential of this sinister framework.
    And he is the largest framework for working with such vulnerabilities.
    There is also a gui launch option.

    Here is a picture that awaits you at the same time with settings and other tasks.
    Types of requests, work through tor-proxy, in general, everything is taken into account.
    It’s easier to list what is not in it.
    I apologize for the screenshots, because there are so many options that it was impossible to fit everything.
    de7264b8-84b5-4b4e-8610-8d85f6b54673-image.png aba245d5-6bf0-4b96-9c35-0587e5e6ac73-image.png


    git clone

    cd xsser /

    cd xsser / this is not an error, just go to the directory of the same name

    python install

    ./xsser -h

    ./xsser --gtk (graphical interface)

    In order to better understand the tool, evaluate and not lose time on settings and analysis of options, I am attaching you a link where you can see the video and description of the operating instructions.

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