How to take first places at city olympiads ?!

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    The story written in this article is invented and does not call you to illegal actions. Know, if you want to use the material for your own purposes, this can lead to criminal liability. All information is provided for informational purposes only! Getting started...

    [1] - Background

    It so happened that at school I very much liked going to city olympiads, but I won prizes only in the exact sciences. And it somehow did not suit me, I wanted to take first places everywhere. And after going through several Olympiads, just for fun, I asked for the password to the archive with the tasks, already at the last Olympiad and after that it all started.

    [2] - The beginning of the path to information security

    After I found out the password, I saw that the password was somehow suspicious, for example, “info2142” in computer science. And then I thought that after all the tasks can be obtained in advance by sorting the password from the archive. Oh yes, the corrupted archives with buildings were laid out the day before the Olympics on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science. After I armed myself with Pascal, it was the 9th grade, and in coding I was also a beginner, and put in a straightforward script that put in front the prefix that I determined, depending on the subject, and sorted through all the options for the numbers after it. I still have the script and it looked like this:

    a, b, c, d, n: integer;
    f: Text;
    Assign (f, 'chi.txt');
    rewrite (f);
    for a: = 0 to 9 do
    for b: = 0 to 9 do
    for c: = 0 to 9 do
    for d: = 0 to 9 do
    writeln (f, 'info', a, b, c, d);
    close (f);

    As a result, I received a dictionary with 10k passwords, downloaded an encrypted archive, and using the Advanced Archive Password Recovery program in a second, I got my long-awaited password and access to tasks. During the night he did almost everything and was already going to the Olympics; I know the answers to almost everything and always turned out to be far ahead in first place. And after that, at all the Olympiads which I visited by a large margin, I took first place.

    I don’t know if the transfer of tasks for the olympiads still works, but if so, students can use the life hack. Good luck to all

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