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Our trustworthy services gives confidence and guarantee to our customers, we have the best web reputation and only TOP rated white hat ethical hackers will take care of requests.

If you are planning to hire a hacker, you landed on the right platform. We are a team of computer geeks that opted to remain unknown amid the vast cyber universe to ensure that all our hacking solutions and web configurations will take effect without any digital imprints.

We provide complete solutions for more than a decade so you can expect superb digital services and web security onslaught from us. We understand the significance of anonymity, so we employed a very secured communication node to ensure that any possible decryption attempt will be rejected upfront. We keep a competent team of white hat hackers to answer your queries and plot your intended hacks to fix a particular glitch.

In the contemporary world, information security has emerged as the need of time. It is immensely important for businesses these days to pay key attention to the protection of information and the system, and the hardware that uses, stores and transmits that information. There are several underlying issues, which entails threats to information security, incidents management and penetration testing. These include various types of foot printing tools which refers to the process of collecting as much as information as possible about the target system to find ways to penetrate into the system. There are several countermeasures which could be undertaken to trap the attacker from breaking into the system.

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Virus Decrypt

Your computer has been attacked by a virus and you see a message "Your files are encrypted pay for decryption", you got infected with a Ransomware Malware. Your files are encrypted and you must pay for decryption, do not do it! It's a waste of money, if you’re lucky we can recover them after the virus is deleted, we examine this problem in detail.

Crypto Wallets

Lost your wallet password?

We can recover your lost password from your digital crypto wallet using a state of the art brute force tool. The average time to crack your password it's maximum 24 hours. Crypto Wallets it's not design to be protected against brute force, using high algorithm power our tool can crack a wallet in the fastest time posible without the worry that you will lose your funds.

Got Hacked?

Recovering pwned account

If you wake up this morning without your email or business account, we are experts in recovering hacked passwords, by tracking back the logs many information can reveal as attacker IP location. If hackers takeover your account we can recover it, we are experts in FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Hotmail, Outlook, Youtube Channel and more.

Catch Up A Cheater

Smell A Cheater?

If you doubt the faithfulness of your spouse, you must make a concrete move now. Trust your instinct and hire most trusted hackers that are capable of revealing the secrets of your partner in no time. For many years, we mastered the job of unfolding the unscrupulous activities of different individuals. We employed a high-tech way of checking the integrity of your partner. Just harbor their mobile device, and we will define their real identity. Using the IP address, we will know the people who contacted your partner lately.

Fraud Investigation

Got scammed on Ebay, Amazon or Aliexpress

Fraud is one of the most terrible dilemmas that you wouldn't like your business to encounter. Aside from losing your investment, the name of your business will inevitably get compromised. You really need to come up with a reliable investigation and fire the culprits as fast as possible. Thus, you need to hire a professional investigating hacker to protect your business from all frauds. We employ the most advanced technology to trace anomalies in your company. We can check the route of the IP addresses coming in, and out of your servers. We can also decrypt certain information if needed.

Vulnerability Test

Test your App / Website Vulnerability

If you rely on the power of technology, you must capitalize much on the integrity of your system. You must ensure that your server computers and clients are free from any threats, including virus, malware, adware and ransomware. If you want to check the integrity of your computer system, we can help you. We can run a security check from all nodes of your internet networks. We cover LAN, MAN, and Wan checks, so you don't need anybody else.