Anonymous news ok EDL

  • Love the news on the EDL! Keep up all the great work, I''m a huge fan of keeping the rise of the idiots at bay.. Which leads me to my next point, I''m sure you have plenty of things to get on with but i''ve noticed a new ''fad'' spreading on facebook and was wondering if you might be able to do anything about it.. Its these ''spotted:Sluts in blahblah'' It seems to be senseless bitching about some poor girl that then leads to hundreds of hate mails going directly to said girl, i could imagine it really putting a downer on someones day, I imagine just reporting it will just get the page deleted for another to replace it straight away. Anyways, any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated. Heres an example of what i mean: Many thanks.. And again. Great work guys, you give people like me hope for this shitheap we''ve made for ourselves :)

  • @pihawa thank you for sharing, we will give a look

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