My job is to answer mail from a fake dating site.

  • Hello Anonymous i am from suriname, that is a small country in south america. My story is as follow, my job is to answer mail from a fake dating site. The men just register and they pay as if they are making contact with some females, but what they dont know is that the profiles women are all fake and they put some photos of some random chick from the net. They pay for one mail 1.99 euro and we just receive 0.10 euro cent per mail. Imagine that there above 500.000 mail a day is big business. My problem is that the boss thinks that he owns us and do the heck what he whats with us, he treat his personell as [censored] like were not doing a good job. He is just sitting on his lazy [censored], as we are taken as slave. Please guys i need some help, can u help me to bring his system down and try to turn the tables. I can give u guys all of the information u need but is has to be confidential. I am counting on you, anynonymous is legion and i stand for hacktivism too. Free the slaves from capitalism and freedom of speech. You would mean a lot to us.

  • Can you give us more details, what is the name of the dating site?

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