New Casino Glitch Step by Step Tutorial

  • As promised i made a video tutorial step by step for jackpotting online slot machines.

    The replaced text in request:


    As protection layer we recomand to use a vps from here: choose 55 GB SSD,1 CPU,2 GB,2 TB at $10/mo, here it's 50$ free credit if you register through this link:

    First you must download and install the vps from vultr

  • Does the slot game support in Indonesia? , and want to look for cheat joker jewels slot apk or engine settings to get a big bonus, I have searched here and there without getting apk and engine settings, please help so I can feel a big bonus in Indonesian online gambling .

  • @admin Please Admin help me out hack this game ,

  • Hello Admin. I have successfully set up a vpn. But with the VPS I'm probably too stupid :( The profit simply does not stand: (((

  • @Matze using this tutorial you will be able to setup the openvpn but remember that you must get the choose 55 GB SSD,1 CPU,2 GB,2 TB at $10/mo

  • Hi dear admin, maybe it will be good to show a video how to create a vps server. Would be really nice of you!

  • How do i get pass the burp. Certification screen? Its says Error
    Unknown host: burp.

  • Yoohh...Finally got the game playing, thanks.

  • Just cannot wait to find out too..

  • @Matze let us know if it works!

  • I will get vpn in the next 2-3 days. hopefully this protection will be enough

  • Any and all criticism or positive feedback is welcome

  • @Matze mosdef, yeah I think video will make it clear and easier for anyone trying to set it up. Can somebody please post the link..

    Well especially for those who got uncensored IP's for a certain project and it's also good for one's privacy..

  • Hello everybody. it might be helpful to show how to get and set up a vpn / vps server. I think a video would do very well for that. What do you think?

  • @admin [censored] i think you right, because i even tried to register with one of the casino games for free bonuses, my application wasn't successful because my country isn't censored even my currency is't available on the currency blog... okay lemme get the vpn first.


  • @Anoxe Did you check if the games are available for your country, if they are not try with a vpn

  • you must click on the button start the game...

  • @Anoxe said in New Casino Glitch Step by Step Tutorial:

    y certificate... accessed the NARCOS's dashboard and clicked on play for free and then start the game, but nothing has shown up like it hangs right there and it doesn't even load/sync connection on tab.

    Can you upload a screenshot? with the mozilla settings and the burp?

  • @admin I cross my two middle fingers, i did the very same thing done on tutorial... yes my interception is off, local host > proxy is manually configured... I can't comprehend at all now... and am thirsty for the game.

    I feel like crying until i work it out...

  • @Anoxe make sure that interception is off, follow the exact steps like in tutorial

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