Gumtree/Paypal Scam

  • Well I will start by saying that I feel absolutely stupid telling you my story as I suspected a scam when I received my first message but instead of deleting it i became a sucker! Anyway here is the story;

    I advertised jewellery on Gumtree and I was contacted by someone using the idenity of a Marie Sarno they even emailed me a scanned copy of her drivers license. Marie said that would make payment through paypal inc payment for postage when I asked if posting to NSW she responded by saying that the jewellery is a gift for her daughter who is getting married and has moved to Beijing.

    I again was suspicious but signed up to paypal anyway and sent her an invoice and straight after I received an email from [email protected] saying that payment is pending and will be confirmed once a tracking number for proof of shipping had been given then the money would appear in my account within 3-5 business days.

    Yes its gets better...... of course being desperate for the money I stupidly mailed over $5000 worth of jewellery to Beijing without calling paypal to check if everything was ok.

    OMG why did I do such a stupid thing!!!! So I waited 3 business days then called paypal oops sorry you are being scammed the emails were not from paypal they were masked from [email protected]

    Paypal said you better call Australia Post to cancel parcel so i do that only to be told sorry its already been delivered its out of our hands now you need to report it to the Federal Police which I immediately did but have heard nothing.

    I still have all correspondence in my inbox so if you would like me to send the emails through then let me know.

    I know that I am not going to get my jewellery back and that its my own fault for being careless but if you guys can help find these f*#kers then maybe we can prevent more victims.

    Thanks for listening.

    Katie :)

  • @Katie-Fowler said in Gumtree/Paypal Scam:

    own fault for being careless but if you guys

    The paypal fake invoice scam it s very used in these days, the only way to track the scammer it s by the fake invoice mail header, can you the mail header here?

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