an Online game scam involving money

  • I've just heard of Anonymous and you guys are awesome, There's an Anonymous Philippines here in my country which amazed me. And so i've remembered this one scam from a Tales of pirates Private server " Avacado " ( A f2p mmorpg which involves buying)

    I haven't spent real money for this game but rather, I just feel sorry for those people especially my in-game friends who always fall victim for this game admin's scams and spends hundreds to thousands of dollars only to find out later that the money they spent would be useless in the end. Here are the steps for the scams they do here.

    1. They open up their server for a few months

    2. Let people buy/donate for "credits" through their
      paypal/credit cards.These credits are what the players
      use to buy stuff in-game.

    3. After they earned alot of money, seen that those "mallers"
      are already pro at this game and aren't spending anymore
      money, they close the server.

    4. Re-open the server only to for the players to discover
      that the players cannot get any refunds/compensation
      whatsoever for the $ they spent on the game

    5. They repeat 1-4 over and over again

    This has been going on for years and I always felt sorry for those people who I get to be friends with in-game keeps getting the same problem. And they can't help but play the server as it is one of the best private servers for this game.

    I know my report is ridiculous as it iinvolves a game and a private server at that compared to other important ones Anonymous are busy with, but I can't let this go as it also involves real money. Please consider this.

    Thanks and more power to Anonymous you guys have my support.

  • Thank you for sharing

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