How to hack cookie and vote again and again.

  • Hey! Maybe this is a long shot but I am in a DEEP DEEP CRISIS, and this crisis is an internet poll which needs to be rigged, well not per se because for that you have to hack into the site and stuff.. AND THERE ARE ONLY 14 HOURS LEFT.. Me and my friends have been voting for this Hypable poll called Battleships.. ( We've been voting for Twilight. While I get most people have things against the movies and books, we're hardcore fans and you know how the comments section of anything where Twilight is mentions SPEWS hate, it's downright vitriolic and my friend thought, "Hey we should kick their asses!" and taught me and another person the infamous but not so subtle COOKIE TRICK where you block the cookies and vote again and again. And we've been doing that for like a month now, ensuring our couple makes it through every round - and get this, people vote against us, I don't even think they're fans, just angry anons and trolls who're hell bent on voting against us because "IT'S TWILIGHT" and freakin frankly this isn't the first time. Do you know about the MTV poll which happened some time in March this year? Best Hero. Haters and trolls, mad HP fans who wanted Kristen to lose because HER CHARACTER was winning did the same, put together a voting group and took us down. The thing is, we held them all off, lost a LOT of fucking sleep in the process too because each battle lasts for 48 hours. Yesterday, Hypable decided to give a [censored]! Both sides got into a death war of sorts and they retracted TEN THOUSAND votes from the poll and called them "ILLEGAL" when the OTHER SIDE has been doing the exact same thing as us! And revised the voting rules, now they track every vote that goes through and you cannot vote more than once from the same ip address, essentially ruling out the cookie trick AKA screwing us over. Gosh I don't even know if this is your field but I had to try asking. We've tried so many different add-ons for Chrome and Mozilla, tried getting different ip addresses but voting through proxy slows us down and those conniving fans got ahead of us, and used up most of them AND I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I'm at rock bottom. And I'm mad. So mad because we've worked so long to come one step close to winning and LOSE, so mad that Twilight always gets picked on, that Twilight always garners the haters. Maybe even you have something against it, whoever you are, if you're even reading this right now. But I imagine you're a fan of SOMETHING and you know what it feels like to have your fandom and idols hated on to a point of insanity so maybe you've been in my shows and I would fucking raise you to the moon Simba-style if you'd help me. As soon as you can! :S

  • @Janani If the vote system use cookies as unique identifier if you delete them you will be able to vote again

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