My stepson almost taken by a Scammer on Craigslist

  • My stepson placed an ad on Craigslist to sell his car and received an email from Larry Moore ([email protected]). The email stated his secretary sent a certified check to the address given double the amount my stepson was asking for and Larry said it was a "mistake." He then gave specific instructions on cashing it at a bank and sending the balance back to him via Moneygram/Western Union.

    Needless to say, RED FLAGS came up and sure enough when my stepson sent me the email, I quickly went into Sherlock Holmes Mode and did some investigating. What I found was just horrible and I am sorry that so many people were "taken" by this [censored], but I am grateful that my stepson was not a "victim." At first it was hard to convince him of this, but after I forwarded him all the information, he was relieved.

    Please people be very careful of this [censored] and let's see if he can get caught.

    Thank you.

  • Do you have emails from him? we can track him back using emails header

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