Recover my money from insurance company

  • I started a business, at the age of 19 to have a sustainable income for my family (mom who is unemployed, and little brother who just started high school) to rely on and fall back on when I die. You see, I have bone cancer and I know that my time on this earth is limited now. I started my saltwater aquarium business in hopes that it would be self sustaining and available to live on when I pass. I am an insured through CNA Insurance (Transportation Insurance Company), and when I had a leak of one of my aquariums, prior to my grand opening, they failed to pay my claim and only paid my neighbor who was also flooded. They actual paid my neighbor twice, right after the initial flooding and then again after the water left over on my side re-flooded them. So far, it has been 6 months, I have closed down my store, I have lost everything, and they have not sent me a dime. Instead, they are harassing me, stalking me, painting me as a fraud, and recently requested that I provide their attorney all of my original documents and sales receipts... which directly following their request... someone broke into my business and STOLE only all my paperwork, insurance documents, sales receipts, etc. They left behind the flat screen TV's, money, and expensive equipment. Now they are claiming “bullshit” and lining up a denial for my claim that has exceeded hundreds of thousands of lost dollars. $80,000 in direct damage, $2,000 a day since the date of loss on March 25th, 2019, $15,000 in unpaid rent I was sued over and they failed to defend me, and $50,000 to relocate my business, not to mention money I paid to stop the leak and cleanup. They know of my medical condition and are awaiting my death! I wrote to everyone short of the CEO, all the way up to the Executive Vice President. I even wrote to President Barack Obama on this matter early in July. Nothing has been done. How can they pad their bank accounts with trillions of dollars and get away on waiting for me to die to prevent paying the claim? Help me

  • @Zachary-Collins said in Recover my money from insurance company:

    thing has been done. How can they pad their bank accounts

    let us contact the company and we will make our best to get your money

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