I know you guys have done alot of truly amazing work.

  • Like finding the guys who hounded Amanda Todd I mean you will forever have my respect for that one thing alone. The mass assault against the government for raiding mega upload. But I am asking for your help. My friend Marilee Guinan is having endless slander posts made against her from her ex boyfriend because she caught him cheating on her with many men all across the country as he went on his tours. His name is Derek Richards (also goes by Derek Marcy). She put him on a site called cheaterville.com As you can see from the dates of the posts he put her up the next day. I know Marilee very well she has been more of a mother to me then my own. She would never do any of the things he is claiming. But he is going on a rampage trying to ruin her reputation which in her line of work is very important. I know you guys are doing alot of good but if you could please find some time to help her out with his endless barrage of lies and slander I would be forever thankful and would do anything I am able to support Anonymous (Despite the fact I already am)

  • @viyogo please check your email, we sent you some info about the subject

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