Target of internet harassment

  • I have a friend that was the target of internet harassment. Several fake web pages were put up that were very nasty. There was a good deal of circumstantial evidence that pointed to a local individual and I'm pretty sure it was this person but can't say so definitively. We went to the local sheriff but the investigator was rather dim and ultimately she refused to follow the one lead because the person it might have led to is a local reporter who her department works with. Instead she wanted to concoct a case that almost seemed like a frame up of a local kid that has some mental health issues. Eventually everything was dropped. My friend tried to get Facebook and Google to remove some of the bogus websites

    • they're pretty upsetting.

    They weren't the least bit helpful. At this point we've pretty much let things drop and she's tried to go on with her life. It irks me that someone got away with this. I've read about Anonymous and got to wondering if there's any way to use the bogus websites to pin down exactly who did this. My friend, she's a retired French professor, a very nice lady who's never harmed anyone, spent the better part of two years being very upset

    • understandable if you saw some of the sites that were put up.

    I'm reticent to open this up or at least to do so in a way that involves her

    • I'm hoping there's a way to track or trace the bogus sites without involving her and reopening a very painful episode.

    The story is a very long one. Before I go into great detail I wanted to know if it was possible to trace the source of the bogus websites. Also, as I mentioned earlier I have strong suspicions about one individual. The cops tried to make it sound like I had a grudge against the person and that's why I pointed towards them. I don't have a grudge and I'm willing to concede that I could be wrong but there does seem to be a whole lot of coincidence and circumstantial evidence pointing to one person. Is there a way, if you take this on, to hold back, initially at least, the name of the person I suspect and see if any of the evidence points them out independently? Please let me know if you think this is something worth your time to pursue. Thank you.

  • @Mark-Jamison said in Target of internet harassment:

    s them. I don't have a grudge

    nowadays some advanced bots scans and extracts information from popular social media sites like facebook, twitter and more, the information are stored as users profiles and is used as social identity on other (spam) social websites to generate traffic.

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