I am writing a paper about Anonymous for my class.

  • My teacher is obsessed about you. I think she''d love it if I could put some quotes in my paper.

    Q: How do you function if you aren''t necessarily organized?
    Q: Why is what you do so important?
    Q: Do you scare yourself?
    Q: How much does it cost to advertise yourself?
    Q: What if a power hungry individual uses the fear Anonymous has set into our minds of being hacked, and uses it to hurt innocent people?
    Q: Is it wrong to compare Anonymous to Jack in The Lord of the Flies? When he hides behind his mask he becomes inhuman and dangerous.
    Q: Is computer technology good or bad?

    Thanks tons.

  • A: we function on the name of anonymous on this website
    A: we protect the freedom of speech
    A: sometime yes
    A: we don t pay for ads
    A: we don t hack innocent people
    A: we hide behind masks because we need protection
    A: computer technology can be good or can be bad that depends on who you use it

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