My ex fiancé now girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend then lied should I kick her to the curb?

  • So me and my ex fiancé now girlfriend was together a year and a half we split due to a huge fight. Well in the month that we went on break she had [censored] with three of my best friends. Well when we got back together for the second time she had told me that she had [censored] with one guy I'm that time. I find out a day later that my friend Devin who I'm going to beat his face texted her with some crazy stuff saying "I love you don't get back with him he quit being my bro when you two started to fight." Then continue to degrade me in the text so I wasn't supposed to see that, she lied said that he kissed and licked the side of her face and that they almost had [censored] but stopped. So at this point I begin to ask every day what else is there that I need to know and everyday for two weeks she looked me in the eyes and lie saying that's it. Well two weeks went by my 2nd best friend texted hey I got something I need to tell you I'm not to proud long story short to save her own *** she lied and said he had [censored] with her in her sleep.That was a lie and she also lied about all the details trying to make her look better. My girl is an eight on looks scale he's a [censored] 2. So my best friend in the whole wide world that lives with me in my house came to me after I thought our other buddy rapped my girl I told my bf who lives with me that I'm going to go deal with him well my bf in the whole wide world fessed and said "no man she ****** him willingly she told me the story the next morning and so not true, also your gonna be super pissed cause I ****** her a lot when you guys were on break also she did have [censored] with Devin a few"well I was upset because I begged them not to have [censored] with her.well I was forgiving because we were on break, kicked him out.Then the night we got back together, the next morning they had [censored] she lied again to my face then fessed about cheating the day after we got back. should I be done?I do love her, idk why I'm the best with looks and [censored]?

  • @Donovan said in My ex fiancé now girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend then lied should I kick her to the curb?:

    k why I'm the best with looks and [censored]?

    We can help you to setup a trap with 100% chances of knowing the truth, the "trap" can get access to her device GPS position

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