A buddy who was datin this girl and he was cheating on her and lying to her

  • Plz help me i had a buddy who was dating this girl and he was cheating on her and lying to her and all this bs so me her sis and her sisters bf and bout 20 other people told her to break up with him because hes a bad person so she broke up with him and then bout a week later because me and her both like each other we decide to date so he gets jealous that we are dating and he has his own girlfriend to so i dont know why hes jealous so i love this girl and she loves me and i know tht she wont leave me for him but i want something done with him and i don t care if its legal or not because he been spreading all these lies and [censored] and its making me mad and tonight he told her that i was going to just make out with her and the dump her and im like a rock i have no emotions but with her its different i cryed because she didnt know who to believe then i asked her sis to talk to her because i told her sis that if i hurt her she can shoot me with my 12 gauge and i wasnt joking bout it but finely she believed me and she still love me and i said thank god and i thought and i saw what you guys have done with all the crime and with korea and i said why dont i ask them so yea plz help me in some way because hes a bully to me and if any of you read this plz contact me at 16 21 5020 and i dont know jack [censored] bout hacking but i do know alot bout computers so i would also like to learn how to hack plz respond i need help

  • @aryk-eric What app do you used for cheating?

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