LP&L screws over entire city.

  • so we have this company that's "locally owned" called Lubbock Power and Light and they've really been raping this town on their utility bills. they bought out the only other competition they had back in 2009 for $87 million and now they claim they had over a $3 million loss last year and this year, after spending $250,000 on an proffesional financial advisor, they are projected to lose over $7 million. it was reccomended to them to have a 9.7% increase in the fall but instead decided to increase the rates during the summer. it was approved by city counsil for a 4year rate increase. the increase was supposed to take effect in june but due yo a "computer glitch" the rates did not change and everyone's utility bill was charged anywhere from 40% to 150%. they are claiming that this is the correct charge and that the bill will more than likely stay the same during the summer months. the bills across town have been so high, that the companies that were put in place to help the citizens with their bills are no longer able to help even themselves. after people paid their bills, some ciizens still had their power shut off due to "failure of payment". so for example, the most common amount that people are reportedly paying is an average of $500. if that amount was paid and then shut off, they would then have to pay an additional $250 to get it re-activated and wait till the end of that business day for the reactivation to take effect. there is a website with more information regarding this whole situation but i have given you as much information i am aware of. in the website, the pay of the board members, owners, managers, ect. are given as well. www.ihatelpandl.com

  • @adam We start an investigation any future updates will be publish on blogs section

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