I failed the Literacy test

  • Hi I've just completed a year training to be a teacher. I've recieved an ''outstanding'' for my teaching methods and the kids like my style and banter. Unfortunately I failed the Literacy test that is run by Pearson Vue.The stupid thing is the tests are meaningless, they dont maee me a better teacher and their just a bull [censored] test for Michael Gove (moron) . I've got a baby boy (16weeks old) and a wife to support and I lose my job once my training find out I've failed. I've had a [censored] year... I lost my dad in February due to cancer then my granny (mums, mum) only a month later. Please can you help? I've only ever wanted to be a teacher for the last 14 years but this pointless test is stopping me. Thanks

  • @Stu-Smith said in I failed the Literacy test:

    t is stopping me. Thanks

    When you failed the test, because it may be too late the thinker test validates the answers in 3 days

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