No Longer The Best Place To Live In Randleman

  • For over many years, the Windsor Place Circle Apartment Complex in Randleman, North Carolina has been known as "The Best Place To Live." But ever since a change in policy, inspections that were once done one time every three months is now four times a year. Because of this, Windsor Place has now gone to hell in a hand basket. It has no longer become about the tenants, it has become about the owner of this apartment complex protecting his investments and worshiping the almighty dollar. Since district property manager Lee Toler arrived on the scene, people have been fearful of getting evicted. What was once the apartments being inspected for the structural integrity and cleanliness, has now turned into an invasion of privacy of Orwellian proportions. By invasion of privacy, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, closets, toilets, and bathtubs fall into the category. Privacy of the tenants should be respected, and what Lee Toler is doing is unlawful to many people. According to a friend of mine, he has also been selling cheap knock-off computers with illegal copies of Windows 8 installed to make money on the side, and the DTH Management Group Ltd is too oblivious to see that, and the Landlady of Windsor Place Circle, Tammie Moore, is unaware. It has also been confirmed that Lee Toler has a potential arrest record and criminal background, but it has yet to be seen. People are moving from this complex and with good reason because the staff at Windsor Place has become very hypocritical and full of [censored], and also failing people who have cleaned their apartments. Mr. Toler is probably doing this to fill his quota and earn money. While he is saying that "We are not trying to scare anybody, we're just trying to protect the owner's investments," people are living in fear and money has become a bigger concern than the tenants who live here. The elderly and disabled have been harassed by this man, too. In 2013, Lee Toler happened to walk in on my best friend's ex girlfriend sleeping naked and he didn't have the common courtesy to knock or said he would leave her alone. She was feeling sick and needed to sleep. That's hinting that Lee Toler could be a potential registered [censored] offender who likes to get a sexual thrill by peeping on women sleeping naked. While someone maybe a registered [censored] offender, there is a chance that he might be a pedophile as well... and there are a lot of kids that live in Windsor Place Circle. Mr. Toler purposely lied about his criminal record so he could get the job as senior district property manager. You can dig it up on him. Tammie Moore is not the key player in this, Mr Toler is. It has gotten to the point where he had threatened to fire her if she didn't do exactly what he said and how he thinks it should be done. The landlady doesn't need to live in fear and the tenants don't need their privacy invaded. Miss Moore is innocent. Lee Toler is guilty. He doesn't need to be district property manager, he needs retire and eventually jailed. Miss Moore doesn't need to live her life in fear because of this man. Windsor Place needs to be restored to its rightful glory. Worst part about the Windsor Place Circle apartment complex, it is not approved by the Better Business Bureau... so what does that tell you?

    In closing, here is Lee Toler's facebook profile:

  • @WilliamCarey-III we have sensitive information about this issue and in the next days you can see it on the blogs section

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