Dear AH

  • Dear AH,

    My name is Rachael Tan. Just a mother trying to learn her quid to provide for her children.

    I thought I had secure a deal for my Silga product when this person purporting to be Benson Garric said he wanted all four sets of my pots. and asked me to send him the banking details. Once i have done that, he then said need me to remit money to his pickup agent....

    When I smell a rat, told him thank you for your interest in the product, but we don''t accept paypal payment nor we remit money via westernunion, he then sent another email saying it is my legal obligation to complete the transaction as he had already pay via paypal, blah blah blah.. if i don''t proceed, he shall seek legal standing
    on this matter..

    I can''t report this to police as they can''t help for a crime which hasn''t been committed, as yet..

    This so called Benson Garric has my contact details, i am worried for my safety.

    I am wondering if AH could find the real Benson Garric is as he said he is now is Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia.

    What other details would you need from me to unveil this person so that i may be able to provide with authorities details to safeguard my children?


    Rachael Tan
    Sydney, Australia

  • @whommiau We start an investigation about this issue, you will receive the investigation details in 4 days from now.

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