Anonymous Members members has hacked into my iPad, my laptop, my iPhone, and my desktop

  • First of all, I live in the USA in Loveland, Ohio 45140, my address is 22 Iroquois Drive, which I am pretty sure you know since one of your members has hacked into my iPad, my laptop, my iPhone, and my desktop. I am a democrat and a strong liberal who does not mind sharing my Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu plus, or spotify accounts. I feel that I am extremely blessed to be able to afford them, and that other people who are less fortunate than I am should have the same access to them as well. If they were taking money out of my bank account it would be different, but I honestly have no problem sharing with others, since I do believe the Internet should be free, I believe in the first amendment, I believe that the government should not be able to track whatever I am doing or saying on the Internet. It all started in kelseyville, California, I let my neighbors use my desktop, and they installed a root kit in my pc, and I have had nothing but problems with my entire network ever since. I have had all my passwords change, my email addresses were hacked, my husband lost his steam account with thousands of dollars of games on it, and it ruined his $8000 gaming pc. It is mostly in Japanese, but when I run the diagnostics on my PC it traces back to anonymous=true. I do not mind sharing, and the right to free speech, I am with you guys, I just want my admin powers back and be able to get into my old hotmail accounts to recover steam, I am willing to donate money to your cause, because I agree with you, I just want my admin powers back and access to my email accounts. Thank you, Marci Stockhoff -Burnam IP Address Hostname City Maineville State (Code) Ohio Country United States (US) Provider Time Warner Cable · My Pro Shopping Map data ©2013 - Terms of Use Get the latest information on email scams

  • @MarciStockhoff none of our members claim this attack, but if you give us more details maybe we can find out who hack all your devices

  • @admin Does MarciStockhoff tells the truth?

    Should we trust Anonymous hackers, if I may ask?

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