Please help and respond. Desperate!

  • A couple of Youtube videos were posted in 2010 (one audio of course) called
    "Crazylandlord in Winnpeg". I am not the landlady in them, nor is this my voice or apt. bldg. The tenant is shown. Dets2008. I want him. His name and location. Possibly taped via smartphone? He has taped this woman without her knowledge. Trouble is, a commenter known to me, Karen Reimer, who was a past tenant has implicated me in one
    video causing a bashboard of comments to defame me.

    This is cyberharassment by proxy inviting others to join in the fun and to do the damage for her. Don''t know if she found one video and posted it herself just to make this comment about me. She was white trash, literally. Her name has been added to a bad tenant registry with the Wpg.
    Rental Owners Association although she is a caretaker. I have informed her employer to help me. I want to help this landlady and catch that kid. These videos are crushing our rental business and reputations as landladys.

    help and respond. Desperate!

  • @debra We remove the videos from youtube also we start an investigation about this issue, the details will be posted on the blogs section

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