Electrical Engineer... Norton Shores missing person Jessica Heeringa

  • Hi Anonymous,

    I just finished reading a incredibly sad story about a Michigan girl that was abducted from an Exxon Mobile gas station at night where she worked. The partitions of the scope of time aren't detailed but with a 15 minute time frame... there has to be something that can be done to find this individual.

    I am not related to the individual nor do I know her personally. It is just incredibly devastating to hear about these psychotics that take someone so innocent and, at that, a mother of 3-year-old boy. I work as an Electrical Engineer and in graduate school for my BS in CS and Masters in EE-Power Engineering. I am just a fellow supporter of the cause that bleeds wires and breadboards.

    Please see what you can do... and you are assured to have devout loyalty that possesses an arsenal of skills and technical expertise here in Seattle,

    Thank you.

  • @Lawrence Our members from Seattle start an investigation about this issue, future news will be posted on the blogs section

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