Created fake profiles on a popular dating site

  • Dear Anonymous, I have been following the news about Russia's campaign against the LGBT community with growing alarm. The most recent news is that a group of neo-Nazis have created fake profiles on a popular Russian LGBT dating site, lured in gay teens with the promise of a date, then beaten and tortured them - on the premise that their sexuality makes them peadophiles. The victims have allegedly been aged as young as twelve. One boy, 19, was driven to suicide after this horrendous assualt. You can read that particularly awful story here: This is part of a wider, ongoing campaign to systematically target the LGBT community. Here's a good article which summarizes what's been going on: It's chilling to imagine living in a country where the people I know and love who happen to be LGBT - friends, neighbours, collegues - are being persecuted for their sexuality. Yet that's what's happening right now to our fellow human beings in Russia. I heard about how you hacked the Westboro Baptist Church website. Please - is there something you can do? The guy spearheading the neo-Nazi group (Occupy-Pedofilyay) is led by Maxim Martsinkevich, nickname Cleaver (the ironically [censored]-erotic innuendo of which has not escaped me). However, his group is condoned by Putin's government, who has just signed the laws banning "gay propganda" (read: expressing that you're not straight). Come on, Anonymous. They're committing crimes against humanity. This situation needs world-wide attention, and our LGBT friends in Russia could use a reminder that they are not alone. Best wishes, R Debnath p.s I would be glad to hear back from you, but I understand that may not be possible.

  • @R-Debnath many admins use this hack to get more traffic to their sites, we remove the profiles but next time take care!

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