I caught her again cheating on me

  • My story - Separated from my partner of seven years 2 months ago after i caught her again cheating on me . We had twin girls on the 20/08/2008 they turn 5 soon and i am not going to be there when they wake up and i cant describe how sad that makes me and how mad i am that she has done this to our family.

    For the past 2 months i have been in limbo - i wanted nothing more than to be back with my girls - but at what cost ? This has been the hardest decision i have ever made and yes i have tried to work through this - agreed to her terms and while separated agreed not to see other people - well i did . Caught her again 2 weeks ago at 12.30 am at another mans house - i have the picture to prove it - still i fell for - i love you and the family manipulation trick - she played with my heart , my head and still apart of me held onto the glimmer of my old life - what i missed the most was the unconditional love of my girls. That was until yesterday - thankyou find my iphone i saw that see waqs once again at that address - 48 bromwich street the gap 4061 .

    I have asked her why she was there before - her answer was IT IS JUST A FRIEND FROM THE GYM TRYING TO HELP ME OUT AS I DONT LIKE BEING ON MY OWN.... she said that he is a old man and that i am being silly - For 7 years you would think you know all her friends - never in that time there been a friend in that street - Friends have asked her who lives there - she wont say .

    That's where i saw her on my phone , after a whole week of her head games with me - telling me she loves me . But to find her there again - I called her and she lies to me over the phone that she is at her mums place . i don't confront her then but ask her to come see me . I wait to make sure and the green dot moves after 5 mins . That's when i call - that's when i say i know you were there again - you keep lying to me .

    Her response was that she chose not to disclose that she was there and that it was a family bbq , then why wasn't her kids there ? She has lied to me again and still i hang on - that was until today - my day with my girls . she makes me wait 3 hours from saying i will let you know when you can see them , then when we finally talk ....

    You can only see the twins at the park under my supervision . That's the one that snaps the camels back ... for 4 years 10 months i have been the primary carer - the parent - the protector and the one the girls run to first . And now it only under her supervision .... So please i ask you to help me. Help me make sure that she cant get away with this - I only want my girls choo choo and lulu , I am just a loving dad who misses his kids - who after all i have been put through for the past 7 years the lies , the sexual txt messaging to 5 men last year - cheated on i dont know how many times - But today that stops ....

    My girls are my life - my family and i would really appreciate your help . Please Damian a loving father who has been kicked in the guts for the last time.

  • @Damian-Elton We can setup some traps with 100% chances of success, let us know if you agree with this

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