My best friend's girlfriend repeatedly cheated on him and he keeps going back to her. what do I do?

  • So my friend started dating this girl and within the first month she cheated on him. he found out and she lied for months and he took her back. then after like 2 months she told him she had [censored] with this kid. so of course he comes crying to me and being a good friend im there for him. so then hes like im not taking her back then does. so hes back with her and while they are together she said she would kill herself if he left her and punched him and put knives to her wrists. After this happened a few times he came to me again saying he was done again, but of course got back with her again. So then she called the cops on him saying he hit her, which wasnt true and then he came crying again saying he was done for sure this time. Wat does he do? goes to make up with her, then she tells him she made out with another guy the day after she called the cops on him. He calls me saying how people are all evil and he could never get back with her after all this. So then he hasnt really been around so I knew he was talking to her and I just dont know what to do because its hard seeing ur best friend get so hurt all the time and keep going back when u just know its gonna happen again. Nothing I say will change his mind and he gets mad at me and says its not my business when hes the one who always comes to me with his problems. So today I finally had enough and told him I couldnt be friends with him anymore if he was gonna keep doing this to himself because I cant watch him get hurt again when its so avoidable. They have only been dating for 5 months and this is ridiculous. Oh and we are living together next year and I dont want this girl in my apartment. please tell me if im wrong or wat im supposed to do??? im just at a loss and feel so powerless. I dont wanna tell him wat to do but its just difficult and exhausting to see him go thru this and I cant do it anymore. please help me

  • @admin Había escrito algo para ti sin haber leído todo. Por lo q tuve q borrar lo escrito. A ver, la novia de tu amigo tiene un serio problema. Lo más normal es q él busque la manera de parar esta relación. Y debería de hablar con su familia para q hable con la familia de esta mujer. Parecen jóvenes. O q él hable con la madre o el padre o algún familiar (hermano, hermana, tío, etc...) y le cuente lo q está ocurriendo. Ella necesita ayuda y tu amigo no parece estar en disposición de dársela, pues le está metiendo en líos muy gran graves. Tú como amigo puedes hablar con familiares de ella, discretamente. Y les dices q no quieres que tu amigo lo sepa. Pero a preocupado por él, eso es lo q él te dice q ocurre. Quizás es una manera de empezar. Lo de q vivas con él, puede ocurrir q entre tú y ella surja algo q no te esperes, por lo q evita situaciones en q la amistad vuestra y tú estén en ese lance. Me comprendes? Ella necesita atención psicológica y buscarse otras amistades tanto de mujeres como hombres, y aprender a estar sola, q haga ejercicio...

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  • @Taylor we can setup traps for him, if you want let us know

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