Broken heart

  • I'm 29. I going to married in next month, but these days my gf betrays me:(...We loved each other 7 years, it's a long time huh??? but now she leaving me, she told me that she found a true love...Of course, her true love richer than me. I can't understand, we loved 7 years, had a lot beauty memories and now my gf said it's not love??? I think I'm not bad at all, I'm nice with everybody, have a good job, love her so why she leave me???...MOney, I can buy my love???

    I'm so sock...Now I think I can't believe in true love again...

  • @applelee en psicología han estudiado q a los 7 años de pareja suelen surgir esas crisis. Puede ser q a ello se ha unido la decisión del matrimonio. Quizás si suspenden de momento ese enlace, aunq ella lo ha decidido por sí misma, todo se enfoque de otra manera y ella recapacite. Si ella no siente lo mismo q tú por ella, o ella no siente q tú la quieras como ella quiere o cree q debe sentir, es algo q puede estar ocurriendo. De momento es lo q se me ocurre.

  • @applelee said in Broken heart:

    ve in true love again...

    this often happens, you have to go over and move on, let us know if you need more help with his accounts.

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