Sell animal corpses to medical research companies.

  • Southern California animal shelters are killing animals at a rate that goes against laws. They prevent people from adopting a pet by outright lying on a dogs behavior issues, create absurd rules that only allows certain inviduals and groups to pull an animal on kill lists, starve them by underfeeding, cage them in sickening and deplorable conditions, place innocent dogs in cages exposed to parvo (thus ensuring they too will contract the illness and die a horrible death), put animals to sleep for a variety of illogical reasons and ban people from helping if they have critiqued them in the past. San Bernadino City Shelter, Lancaster and Pomona are a few of the worst. They purposely have a high kill rate because they sell animal corpses to medical research companies. A dead animal is worth more to them in payment from a medical research company than the saving of a life by adoption. Please help. Please. Any criticism made by a person like myself that just wants to help the dogs by use of police (3 from San Bernadino surrounded the car of a citizen that stops by to take pictures of death row/code red dogs to post on Facebook in the hopes of rescue groups and private citizens to donate and/or pull the dogs to save their lives. She was twice surrounded by 3 cops while she took pictures and accused of giving the dogs treats. She was searched, had her purse searched and made to state on video that she would follow all of the rules of the shelter director. This poor woman had done nothing wrong. Nothing. ( A link to the story is here: Please help. In any way that you can to expose the disgusting abuse that shelter directors and their staff are allowed to inflict on innocent animals by city and county elected officials. For every dog in a shelter, there's a human to blame. Thank you. Respectfully, Carmen Garrett Collie

  • @CM-Garrett the link redirect to other website, can you provide the right url?

  • Link is broken for me.

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