BEEF XSS Framework

  • Hey everyone... Well can a beef xss framework really hacks through the burp running?

    If yes, please declare vividly on how to set it up and how would it hook-up the target on specified command... e.g on pretty theft stunt. Well actually am lil concerned about: "Would it be an ip/local host conflict between beef panel and burp platform", if yes.. please provide with guideline on how to use em both.

  • @admin Is't necessary to resize and shade my local host (link) via bilty or its not a must thing to do on proceeding the project with beef after configuring the butcher index panel?

  • Okay, well I think I get exact what you saying right..

    Thanks, lemme check it out and maybe work it out nicely done.

  • @Anoxe yes is possible, you must setup the brup as local proxy, intercept the requests and modify them, for example you can change a payment status of a order to paid just by modify the request

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