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  • Dear Anonymous,

    I'm writing to plead for your team's support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is currently facing a political and now humanitarian crisis where the democracy in Hong Kong is being dismantled by the government and basic human rights and civil liberties are being disregarded leading to multiple tragic events that have been unfolding since June 2019.

    Protests against the Extradition Law Amendment Bill (ELAB) began peacefully, yet despite over 2 million people taking to the streets to demonstrate peaceful protests, the government failed to acknowledge it's citizens. The government and police have since began to use various tactics to undermine the protests including labelling protests as rioters, random arrests, failure to provide medical attention to protestors, excessive use of force, police brutality, utilizing triads and gangs to attack protestors, planting evidence and even impersonating protestors to instigate radical acts of violence. Individuals have been held captive, not given the right to contact family or lawyers and there have been reports of physical and sexual abuse of those detained.

    Press, journalists and even first aiders have been attacked, media coverage censored, police have inappropriately deployed teargas in residential areas, enclosed malls and MTR stations and various footage have shown them chasing and beating innocent individuals and citizens ramdomly.

    Furthermore, there have been extensive reports of how the government has been utilizing the internet and social media to discredit the protest movement.

    "Twitter said it suspended 936 accounts and the operations appeared to be a coordinated state-backed effort originating in China. It said these accounts were just the most active portions of this campaign and that a "larger, spammy network" of approximately 200,000 accounts had been proactively suspended before they were substantially active."

    On the 31st of August, the Hong Kong police rushed into the Prince Edward metro station, brutally attacking normal citizens, regardless of whether they were protestors or not. Some of them were beaten unconscious, and should have been taken to the hospital right away but their whereabouts are unknown. There are also mysterious suicide cases happening in Hong Kong right after the 8/31 terror attack. Ironucally, all press were evicted from the station immediatley after the attack. Discrepancies have been recently found in the reported number of injured individuals, and only limited screenshots of CCTV footage were released. It is now suspected that this may be a government cover-up.

    As Anonymous philosophy has always been against internet censorship, surveillance and control, I would like to plead with you to help join our cause. The citizens of Hong Kong also should not have to live in fear of persecution due to their political views, should not be subject to mass surveillance that infringes upon their civil liberties and should not have to live in fear of being a victim of police brutality. The citizens demand for justice.

  • At this time I believe that Anonymous can help support the Hong Kong protests through:

    • collection of evidence of how the state is misrepresenting and/framing protestors and/or the protest movement so as to support it's legitimacy and to support the DEMAND for the labeling of the protest as an act of riot to be retracted. (Ie. There have been footage showing police planting weapons on protestors as they are being arrested, videos showing police personating protestors and conducting crimes that are then framed on protestors, recent videos have shown ready built barricades along with bricks, tables and even gas containers believed to be set up so as to frame protestors.). While footage has been attained, there is no evidence to indicate that the police or state had directed these actions to be taken, such incriminating information would help to give credibility to these already widely circulated rumors.

    • collection of evidence that shows how the state is involved with censorship and coverup of their own crimes. As mentioned by the previous post by Dang State, it is suspected that casualties and fatalities directly resulting from police brutality are being covered up. Such evidence would help support the DEMAND that an independent commission of inquiry must be implemented to address police brutality.

    • collection of evidence or disclosure of information that the current leaders and political figures of Hong Kong actions or inactions are being directed by the state. This will reinforce and prove that they are indeed puppets of Beijing this supporting the DEMAND that genuine universal suffrage just be implemented so as to ensure Hong Kong's continued autonomy.

    • collection of evidence to show that arrested protestors are being framed, mistreated, not being given fair trial, and if possible evidence of state involvement in these actions so as to support the DEMAND that arrested protestors be granted full amnesty.

    A last but not least, that evidence be collected disclosing state surveillance, censorship, and propaganda that is meant to mislead the public eye and international audience. Many stated backed media, persons of power and various individuals are suspected to be deployed by the state to discredit protestors and their cause. This has lead to widespread polarization among the people of Hong Kong and even those abroad. Hate crimes are already occurring in democratic nations where those in support of the protests are being targeted, receiving death threats and many fear retribution upon their families. An LGBTQ group in Montreal was also kept from participating in the pride parade as the organizer had allegedly received threats. Cyberbullying is rampant, hate crimes have increased, trolls are everywhere. The reliability of media, press and journalism is questionable now as many are believed to be controlled by the state.

    These are just some ideas of how anonymous may be able to help shed light, justice and hope to those in Hong Kong in their fight for democracy, human rights and freedom.

  • @Anonymous group, over the past 3 months, HKers have been living under white terror.
    The climax thus far is the mysteries surrounding the 31 August assault led by the police force at the Prince Edward metro station.

    1. Rumors have been circulating that there were at least 3 deaths at the station.

    2. At the time of the incident, medics were rejected entry, despite 10-15 casualties (of which, at least 6 were seriously injured).

    3. The station was shut down for at least 24 hours, with no one being permitted to enter.

    4. The MTR Group has rejected to release the CCTV footage at countless requests of lawyers or civilians.

    5. Logbook released by someone at the Fire Services Department (FSD) suggest that the internal entries were tampered with two days and seven days after the incident.

    Several months ago, one would never have thought that such injustice could have been happened in Hong Kong.
    Currently, the movement in Hong Kong is a war between totalitarianism and liberal democracy. The fall of Hong Kong could mean the perpetual downfall of freedom in Asia, as the Chinese communist party will not stop here. We implore everyone who defends freedom and liberal democracy to stand with Hong Kong and support the movement.

  • Hearing live stream from earlier today

    Hearing on Hong Kong’s Summer of Discontent and U.S. Policy Responses

    Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    419 Dirksen Senate Office Building | Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 10:00am

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Over the summer months, millions of Hong Kong’s citizens took to the streets to demonstrate against an extradition bill that would have put anyone in Hong Kong – including over 80,000 Americans and thousands of other foreigners living in the city – at risk of extradition to mainland China where abuses in the judicial system are well documented. Growing discontent about the Chinese government’s steady erosion of the “one country, two systems” framework and the lack of democratic progress intensified the demonstrations as the Hong Kong government refused to respond to protester demands for the formal withdrawal of the extradition bill.

    The Hong Kong government’s increasingly heavy-handed tactics against protesters further galvanized clashes between protesters and authorities. Also alarming are the Chinese government’s disinformation campaigns and escalating threats of political retaliation and military intervention. Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms, as guaranteed in the Basic Law and the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration, a binding international treaty, are more tenuous now than ever.

    This hearing will examine developments in Hong Kong and the future of U.S.-Hong Kong relations in light of the ongoing demonstrations and the escalating tensions caused by police violence and threats by the Chinese government against Hong Kong’s autonomy. Witnesses will provide first-hand testimony about current events in Hong Kong, discuss the Chinese government’s role in Hong Kong’s political crisis, and offer recommendations for the U.S. Administration and Congress.


    Joshua Wong: Secretary-General, Demosistō and “Umbrella Movement” Leader

    Denise Ho: Pro-democracy Activist and Cantopop Singer and Actress

    Sunny Cheung: Spokesperson, Hong Kong Higher Education International Affairs Delegation (HKIAD)

    Sharon Hom: Executive Director, Human Rights in China and Professor of Law Emerita, City University of New York

    Dan Garrett, PhD: Author, Counter-hegemonic Resistance in China’s Hong Kong: Visualizing Protest in the City (2014)

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