Romper suspensión permanente de twitter a la cuenta para acceder

  • Someone generated tweets that I did not generate in my account. They have denounced and suspended me permanently and totally.I have to delete messages. It's @ radicaljavi and associated email is [email protected] Let's see if you help me or know who. Urgent

    I do not know if this appeal that I put once before they suspended it can be worth it to solve it

    I don't have much money and I ask you to unlock the permanent suspension to the account jointly and severally. maybe I can help you with something today or tomorrow

    Case# 0097645452

    Alguien generó tweets que no generé en mi cuenta. Me han denunciado y suspendido de forma permanente y total. Tengo que eliminar mensajes. Es @ radicaljavi y el correo electrónico asociado es [email protected] A ver si me ayudas o sabes quién.

    Case# 0097645452

  • @Lythia puedes difundir el mensaje y buscarme más ayudas?

  • @volchebyq said in Romper suspensión permanente de twitter a la cuenta para acceder:


    meh,can't do anything about twitter,I was want to help you much but can't :( you should mail to twitter support or try to communitation ducky_officiall1 on instagram,they are better than me about this

  • @Lythia hola. Entró en twitter. Desde móvil. No conozco esos programas. Lo q necesito es quitar la suspensión permanente q tiene la cuenta. Te doy más detalle.
    He sought help from someone who knows (or knows who knows) to recover my own twitter account, a year ago totally suspended. If you help me or know who, I can help you with other matters.     Someone generated tweets that I didn't create. I also have to delete other messages, about 35 twets. The account is @radicaljavi and the associated email is [email protected] Urgent. I am father!

  • probably you have keylogger,first try to use kaspersky and scan your computer,don't try download crack kaspersky too.There are already free version for 7 days.After if kaspersky can find keylogger on your pc,delete it after try to get back to your twitter account.You can use twitters's support for get back or just use "Forgot Password"
    1-If kaspersky can't find keylogger try to reset your computer,probably it work
    2-Use virustotal before download anything on internet.

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