How to find the next number in roulette online casino RNG?

  • Hello I try all the methods and I even try to create strategyes conclusion remain there is no way to win legit at online casinos I see even numbers patterns like 12 21 or 13 31, 23 32 but I cannot win and only lose in the long run
    I have a software in which I put the initial seed of the pseudo random number generator and give all the outcomes but the problem is I cannot find the seed value I don't know how to detect it but I know that is possible ..#justasimplefan #anonymousislegion

  • @Bora-Denis this is very hard to do without a software... we have something that's give a probability of numbers but nothing 100%

  • @admin But it must to be possible to find the SEED ASAP ,is a verry strong encrypted value but it must to be written in a database or something same thing with any slots all are not random just they try to copy the nature of randomness I try to detect the seed with cheat engine but nothing ...I don't know to use it 100% maybe is possible if you can do this we can be booth rich I have the software but I don't have the key (the procces to find the seed)

  • @Bora-Denis you can not do this to big bussines site with stupid tools like cheat engine bro...i use methode admine to see source some roulette RNG of them i know what number comes bad im not good in hack...just one more steps i can hack that site...but i need help in here...

  • @Bora-Denis @admin how to hack slots machine?

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