I want to shut them down

  • Here''s the deal -

    I''m a junior in high school. I''m not sure if youknow, but the recent teenage twitter phenomenon is"compliment accounts" for high schools. Basically,an anonymous student sets up an account named"@_School Initials_Compliments". Other studentsthen direct message that account with complimentsto other students, and the operator of the accounttweets them out to whoever it was directedtowards.

    I want to shut them down.

    From what I've told you so far, this seems like apretty nice thing to do, right? Well, it wassupposed to be that way, but that''s not how itended up. Right now, every other tweet is anincredibly offensive, borderline-sexual harassmentshoutout to various girls at my school, tellingthe entire student body things like "_____ has thenicest [censored] in school" and other things to thateffect. It''s insanely mean and degrading to thesegirls. I''ve been watching this for the past fewdays with mixed feelings amusement and disgust,until tonight. One of my female friends was thesubject of one of these "compliments", and becauseof it she''s at home crying right now.

    Honestly, this account needs to be taken down, butthe school is so far behind on social media thatthey won''t catch wind of this for another fewweeks. And even when they do, every asshole whosubmitted a "compliment" will remain nameless. I''mpicturing a different outcome. One that''s muchmore fair to everyone.

    I know it would be a really small-time job for youguys, but I''d really appreciate your help on this.All I need is for you to get me into the account.From there, I could read through all the messages,tweet out the names of the people behind theoffensive tweets, and then shut down the account.It would make a lot of people - especially myfriend - very happy.

    If you''re willing to do it, I''d really love to seesome real justice here. But I understand you guyshave bigger fish to fry, so if you''re notinterested, no worries.

    The account is @THSCompliments3

    Wow. I''ve given you guys a lot of my personalinformation, but what the hell. You can get it allanyway.

  • do you have more info about the account?

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