@investingcapital.info they don't stop !

  • Greetings, well it looked like the best idea to trade bitcoins run by an algorithm -
    after researching - I found out its a scam!

    Well, then I was already molested by daily phone calls from "Helen A." so I was thinking f..ck it I turn the game around - and gave here a partial payment - and she stayed on the phone with me for 45 Minutes until " I found " my credit card - just to keep here busy not harming others, being busy with me playing stupid..
    I actually enjoyed it. for about 2 months now - there a daily calls up to 65 a day - and emails that I ignore.

    they call themselves bitcoin revolution - and I´m tired of the game
    Now I found you and so I would be very thankful and happy if you can help?

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