Indian Scam

  • I need help!
    I found out about an indian scam in Europe.
    They trick you into this and tell you it's a form of meditation.
    They get you into a trance by saying om namay shivaya and using a necklace with 109 beans.
    They use also stupid magic tricks to make you believe you earn there spiritual guidance.
    And then they ask you for a big amount of money.
    you almost can't resist this!!!
    I have pictures and things they gave me.
    I did it on purpose because I wanted to know what it was all about.
    We arranged a meeting.
    They used a gmail account: [email protected]
    I made an crappy anonymous video about it with the short version.
    People need to know about this!
    This needs to get on official anonymous youtube account. Or officiale facebook!!

    Help me with this!
    People are getting brainwashed by this [censored]!!!

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