Deltona High

  • My school (Deltona High) messed up allmy credits and decides to let me know at the verylast min compromising my graduation. Since iitwould be impossible to keep me in school and makeme retake a years worth of all those classes thatTHEY messed up on, they enrolled me in a websitecalled and have metaking a bunch of bullshit classes that i don''tneed. Its a childish website and its too muchunnecessary work. Its extremely time consuming andits going to prevent me from graduating if i don''tfinish up the courses soon. I am emailing youtoday because i am desperate and i supportanonymous. I always wanted to be able to do thethings anonymous does. I just wish i could somehowhack odyssey and complete all the work with decentgrades. Please help. I have the login info.

  • I know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody who can help you

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