How to hack vk using Thermux

  • Termux - emulator Terminal Android 5+
    download termux for google play and f-droid
    Start Termux
    apt update

    apt upgrade

    pkg install root-repo

    pkg install unstable-repo

    pkg install x11-repo

    pkg install python

    pkg install python2

    pkg install openssh

    git clone

    cd fisher

    chmod 777


    Код использование:


    And so now we are creating a new session in Termux. To do this, swipe to the right.

    And click on new session.
    Session 2 opened
    And run using the following command
    ssh -R 80: localhost: 8080
    Next, we will be given a website address, both http and https. This is a phishing site. We follow the link. And the VK phishing page lights up. We enter the left data. And go to session 1. Swipe to the right and there will be numbers 1 and 2. Press 1. Log in. And there the login and password will glow green.

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