In the iOS-application Facebook found a bug that allows social networks to spy on a user

  • Facebook user Joshua Maddex noticed the unusual behavior of the iOS version of the application. While viewing the tape, it suddenly and without the knowledge of the user gets access to the device’s camera. Roughly speaking, Facebook can spy on iPhone owners while they flip through the feed.
    The case was played on five Apple devices with iOS versions 13.2.2. On iOS 12, iOS 13.1.3, and also on Google Pixel 4 with Android 10, the camera did not turn on. This is most likely a bug, although not everyone is sure about it - Facebook does not have the best reputation regarding the use of personal data.
    Until the application is repaired, you can revoke the application’s permission to access the camera in the settings (some suggest temporarily denying access to the microphone).

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