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  • I go to Vineyard church of Columbus,and we are being protested by 2 different groupsfor 2 different reasons. One group is calledminutemen nitedhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Minutemen-United/528745160487476.They hate us because a leader above us (our pastoris mentored by him) is OK with gay marriage.
    Theother group, Abolish Human Abortion (Ohio chapter)is not only protesting with normal signs, butshowing pictures of aborted fetuses. their page ishttps://www.facebook.com/AbolitionistSocietyOfOhio. As a student leader in our church, I request anyhelp you can give us, including links to otherswho could help. Please, WHATEVER you can do. Iunderstand you guys have a lot to do... but you''re"messing" with Columbus already, please just takea look.

  • Our members will investigate this issue.

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