Online Casino Slots Machines Manipulation or how to hack online casino games?!

  • What are the real chances of wining playing online slots machines? This is the question to which I will respond today. For start, let’s see how the online slots machines work. Every machine RNG engine has a life time of max 36 hours, during this period, the slot engine use all combinations and the RNG start again from 0.

    What is Random Number Generator RNG


    It ‘s a set of pattern numbers followed by default and can’t be duplicated by accident, almost impossible to predict. The pattern use a seed and to be easy to understand let’s say that the seed it’s the current time, the rule that is used to understand the RNG pattern use the same seed to decode it. If somebody guess the RNG seed can change the time back or forward to cheat or to get advantage while playing games.

    How a slot machine understand the RNG


    The best symbol is 0, followed by 1 2 3 until 9, to hit jackpot the RNG must be something like 000000000000000 which is the equivalent to the whole screen wilds. After it reads and decode, the RNG is examined by an internal filter that verify if the win amount is available as founds, if the wining is bigger than the founds, the win is passed away and the next RNG is taken.

    Hacking slot machine


    There are only 2 possibilities to cheat casino slot machine. I saw in the news some guys who were caught in casino filming the slot and the images were live transmitted to a russian who had managed to gather and pack in database mapping all the RNG combination (full 36 hours). The images were entered in software like Gaminator for decoding after that the russian guy let the guys know the exact time when biggest wins will hit. The boys were very popular in the casino and was not for the first time when they were leaving casinos with pockets full of money. The other way is called Man-in-the-middle .

    What is Man-in-the-middle ( MITM ) and how we can modify the RNG to get advantage.


    Method 1 (MITM) by DNS

    As protection layer we recomand to use a vps from here: choose 55 GB SSD,1 CPU,2 GB,2 TB at $10/mo, here it's 50$ free credit if you register through this link:

    First you must download and install the vps from vultr

    Image that between a home player and an online casino it’s a wire communications, anyone how was access to this wire can modify the connection respectively the RNG. Manipulation of slots machine can be done using MITM, all you need it’s to make some changes in your system files.

    For windows:


    For Mac


    And add this new line:

    Replace with the casino address

    To test if everything is okay
    add to your casino url this: ?in=true
    As example


    Also a live example here, skip direct to 04:00

    Live example for Dead or Alive:

    Method 2 MITM by Burp Suite

    We recomand to use a vps from here: choose 55 GB SSD,1 CPU,2 GB,2 TB at $10/mo, here it's 50$ free credit if you register through this link:

    First you must download and install the vps from vultr

    The is the Step by Step Video tutorial how to apply the glitch (method 2):

    How to use the online casino slots glitch. – 05:47
    — Anonymous Hackers

    And here it s the replaced text


    Let us know if the glitch works for you or if you need help

  • @M-Power very good!

  • @admin i will use this only to make fake wins and make videos for youtube, like the casino slots players on youtube, ROSHTEIN will be nothing compared with me. This youtuber makes like 50k - 100k in one month.

    ROSHTEIN RECORD WIN 107.000€ - Top 5 Biggest Wins of week – 11:27
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  • @Chayanut-Kanjanapiboon is not fake, if you see the youtube videos the winnings are saved, of you play on demo mode in the bottom of the page the "PLAYING FOR FUN" text will show up, but here is not the case

  • I just manage to make it works using the 10$ vps from vultr, also the winnings are saved in the account, my question are: is possible to be caught by the casino? Thanks!

  • @admin It's just a fake, can't be used in a real account.

  • Hello....The burp hack worked. But I live in the USA and Narcos is not available in online US casino. Please help.

  • @admin said in Online Casino Slots Machines Manipulation or how to hack online casino games?!:

    ps'yi indirip

    Hello Admin "Method 2 MITM by Burp Suite" running smoothly, but very risky. Can you help me with run Method 1? I did what I wrote, but it doesn't work.

  • Hi , can u help me with this online games ? i have an account on this website and the games i play call ARCHER ..

  • hy there...maybe the admin methode doest working for you...but hey..with this idea n this tool i can little bit cheating casino game...liike sniffing cards on poker n unrandom number on one of casino game like roulette RNG :) just email me : [email protected]

  • @tuanrich6789 are you sure :)

  • hello sir ... I was able to cut the narcos slot with method 2. but the money I make in the next round is lost. What do you need to do to earn money?

  • Hello glitch is working in fun mode but not woking on any casino sites can you explain in detail how to use in real casino to win real money..thanks in advance

  • @admin please help does it work now not working my casino url

  • If anyone hacks this game, I'll send you $ 5000-10000 $ dola Promised honors
    Send visa and Bitcoin
    Link game
    Link game
    Email [email protected]
    Thank you

  • @admin this isnt working even if you use vps from ''vultr'' glitch works but u cant keep winnings as funds, where just editing the text, but if we click forward then spin again your funds will be back at previous bankroll in (method 2).
    i think money maker v.01 works in specific. Or the ''MITM'' but there just sharing how they win. but there not telling the process or any video tutorial how to set up MITM or (method 1). i think this (method 1) works so that they dont teach us how to use it!. or even tutorial how to acces ''?in=true''.

  • @admin and also can u make a video tutorial in (method 1) how to access the ''mitm'' and how does ''?in=true'' works.

  • @admin can u make a profit video (method 2) how you keep your winnings. And a tutorial video for keeping your winnings using ''burp'

  • This post is deleted!

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