Online Casino Slots Machines Manipulation or how to hack online casino games?!

  • @Ruky hi same here. What setting have you used? As you can see i encounter ssl login problems!

  • Ruky, can you please help me set this up?

  • @admin hey folks, i managed to make it work today with a vps-vpn (open-vpn)

  • I see there is any reply yet. Do you know a way to solve this?

  • Well i tried it again today and i saw i forgot to update my windows hosts file. So i updated it and tried to casino again ut again same error. SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP

    So i must be doing something wrong. probably the host request server i needed to add to my vpn.

  • Update: I have added the request server to my vps hosts file and i now dont get any errors. I also added the ?in=true but this do nothing as soon i logged in it dissapears from the addres line and the site is as normal. I do not get the screen as in the video!

  • Well i have setup my server and tried to add the server request host but i cant add it. Let me know how to add it to my server.

    Also as a tip. Firefox users must disable the webrtc option since this will leak your ip and make your vpn insecure.

  • @Lucifer777 I made another video this is the prove that the glitch works tested today

  • @Lucifer777 if you use a vps the glitch works and keep the win as founds here it s the proves : also you can see that in all videos from youtube channel the winnings are legit and kept as funds. The secret it s the vps.

    You are right about the cookies, to have higher chances of winning we recomand to play the games in a new private browser with a vpn (here it s our top 5)

    The maximum lifetime of a RNG it s 36 hour or 129600 seconds (11111101001000000 to decimal value), the best number it s 0 follow by 1 2 until 9, the position of the number in RNG also matters to get connection with other similar number.

    Every player has a cookie with more or less details about him but most important it s the UA (user authentication) this is the request id which is made to the server and get access to the player balance. The cookie can be edited and change, that can make the difference.

    This project sourcecode will be published soon.

  • I have some questions about the slots hack.

    I have noticed that the hack only show the wins when the intercept function is on. As soon you turn it off then with the next push on the spin button the previous balance of the slot returns so in my oppinion this hack is more only cosmetic in apperance when you use it. I guess that the server site not even see this wins in order to confirm it and pay it out to the one who made the win.

    Just before i couldn't get any wins at casinos anymore i was busy with there cookie part. I know they use cookies to manipulate the slots outcome in sense of wins or no wins. I was stripping their cookies and they probably noticed it and for that reason i probably cant win anything anymore at casino's. They also are doing something with the dns resolver. When the cookies have no effect they use the dns resolver to stop someone from winning but i think this is their last resort.

    Remove certain cookies masked as normal cookies will give you more win potential for sure or use an ipaddress which is unknown for their servers and you will win. So with the burp suite i have been playing with the hack at different online casinos but playing for free. I noticed that the code you need to replace with the hack exploit in fact a win or loose result is. To me thats very important information and for this reason i have been collecting data which from the real online slots to see if the same data can be retrieved from live slots. And yes it can.

    But even the RNG really do produce random numbers i must say it only a part of the slot process which start when you press the spin button. I now have found out why i cant win anymore. Every player gets _UA_number as cookie which identify the player and even it seems to look that at every casino an other number will be at the AU cookie i need to say its simply oneand the same. The data i collected with the burp software showed that my UA number was linked to all losses which come. When a win would come it needed to let it pass and wait for the next loss. This resulted for me in simply only clicking and no wins not even small ones

    I'm learning the burp software since it has many features but there is something i hope to get my hands on. Which language is used to code the rng or prng? Also is there a way to get the layout of the reals (positions of icons on reels) so when one changes the win/loose code that one should also change position which is written in the code.

    I think that small changes in the given code will be accepted by the server since its still more or less the same code which the prng of the slot have given.

    This way we may be able to win small wins and let it payout on regular base. Only i do think its not smart to post it here on the site so casino owner never would know of it!

    Please let me know what you think of it?

  • @gambler81 Use a vps from here: choose 55 GB SSD,1 CPU,2 GB,2 TB at $10/mo all you have to do is download and install the vps.

  • The glitch works, but how i can save the winnings

  • @punpanpunpan said in Online Casino Slots Machines Manipulation:

    ya lo hice 1000 veces y Mozilla me dice que el certificado es malisioso

    You must install the saved certificate form http://burp in Mozilla in video tutorial you will find that on 03:00

  • @admin ya lo hice 1000 veces y Mozilla me dice que el certificado es malisioso

  • @punpanpunpan Turn off the interceptor and try again, follow the same steps as in tutorial

  • IMG-20190909-WA0001.jpg no me carga el juego

  • @Matze ok

  • Hello, have tried his tactics several times and it works! At more casinos, everything works according to plan! I'm excited :)

  • @Matze We have made some updates on the post, check out the method 2 with burp

  • @punpanpunpan check you the method 2 step by step tutorial

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