Online Casino Slots Machines Manipulation or how to hack online casino games?!

  • Whats the point with this hack if you cant get real money from it. I tested it and it works. But as I said. What's the point if you can't cash out the money?
    To me this feels like a joke, not to be rude or something but it's useless to get a win with fake money...
    Is this another scam that just want us to buy the vps service or what?

  • @ikkan maybe...if he can win maybe he no need to affiliate to that vps

  • I did it with real money and yes it works. But Whats the point when u cant [censored] the shiters?

  • And if that UA cookie is real and its collecting every players win/losses, then the whole online casino scene is rigged and thereby also a fraud. Are u sure the UA cookie is collecting all that data? Can you confirm that Lucifer. I've lost 3000€ to the casino business... I want them back.

  • @MARIO-MUSKETER how u can win when its only local request u send.. U use as proxy... ? Its only "cosmetics" nothing is ever registered on the server side... This is stupid.

  • @admin what has the vps part to do with this fakewin? Can u elaborate on that part? The win is only a fake request that never get registered on the casino server itself. Even If u get a non local proxy, tell me how this request passes through to the real server that register the request as a win? I think this (if even possible) would be flagged emidiently as something suspicious by the casino server. And you are in big trouble.

  • I must buy vps in 10$ or buy another pack ?

  • @admin
    dude how did you create that script you pasted in burp
    it can be modified right?

  • After a long time, I am back here but it seems that nothing really has happened. The admin has also become very quiet and not so active. The scoring memory is still reset after the "win". Does one of you really have a profit that stays?

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