i am the sim and i need help

  • weather this is legit or not im running out of options the last resort is police .like they say if you havent done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about i just dont want to create a domino effect but here it goes please let me know if you can help or not im in a very awkward situation it involves me being gaslighted triangulated slandered defamed accused and framed even to people thinking im going crazy which im not im a one man army but i feel im losing the battle and sooner or later ill be killed or hit with a search warrant and be falsely accused for something i didnt do .I dont know how or what it is but try and hear me out . i was working in adelanto in the green zone as a cultivator helper and janitor blah blah blah ill get to the point i leave my cell in the break room charging since i had trust in everyone anyway one day i dropped my phone and noticed the sim card being out of place when the back part fell off i wondered why it was in the svd card slot and seemed strange how my phone would act up at times. i took the sim out and noticed it wasnt my original one . i looked at the number on the sim and it traced back to me being on someones t mobile plan??? i went to t mobile and right off the back the kid typed in the sim quickly looked and said "i cant help you with that" i told him it was from t mobile and why was it in my cell he cut me off and said i cant do anything so i left confused . i asked everyone at work one on one private talk if they knew anything about a sim card being put in my cell everysingle person said no i then asked to talk to both managers in a private meeting to touch certain subjects including the sim card subject. I had to wait two weeks for a meeting and when i finally did i was given very little time to talk before getting attacked by both managers verbally and them going off topic when i decided to speak i was cut off and told "im going to end this quick freddy im going to let you go " i was fired on the spot and when i asked for my paper work and a copy of my write ups one manager screamed took his glasses off and was walking toward me as if he was going to kick my [censored] mean while the other manager opened the door rushed me and told me to leave .for the past few months ive been digging through and i was able to open the files i dont understand hacker codes or matrix symbols but its something either really big or just some big ................i dont know who would do something like that if it had no purpose but for the past three months i get followed by people people try and take pictures of me or record me theres fake edison workers that knock at my door wanting me to sign some paper drones follow me everytime i pass by a parking lot i hear a double alarm honk people drive by my house asking the same thing "have you seen my dog" i also noticed all kinds of pinned locations and that ive been being tracked on my way to and from the adelanto job i had . i now work at mt.high as a lifty and it seems as if people follow me there to its very strange even the managers kinda notice it .im never allowed to be uptop by myself and i feel like im always being escorted it gets bad to wear people flock around the shack of the lifts and managers have to switch me out and put me in a different lift im not going crazy i have more details and proof but everyone seems to turn the other way when i approach them or they say im crazy and im paranoid my parents are to old to understand computer codes i dont know to much of that subject but people seem to really really want whats either in my cell phone or in that sim card im starting to feel like a cornered animal with no freedom people stalk harass and invade my privacy 24-7 you guys are my last resort .what did i open or what is that big huge inventory with different names and numbers all under my name ??? thanks alot please email me something back i dont want it getting in the wrong hands or i dont want to throw it away i dropped it once at walmart and people freaked the hell out what is going on here in hesperia california ?

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