Found a way to free renew update installation in Windows 7

  • The My Digital Life tech support community has introduced a way to circumvent Microsoft’s limitations and install security updates for Windows 7 (ESU) on all systems.

    Last month, Microsoft released an ESU test update (KB4528069) for Windows 7 to test whether the systems are compatible with the update release program. When installing the update, you must enter a license key that allows future ESU updates for the target system.

    Users of the My Digital Life forum created the BypassESU tool, which allows you to bypass the ESU key verification mechanism and install a test update.

    Service Windows 7 ESU (Extended Security Updates) is a paid Microsoft service that provides security updates to companies that still use computers running Windows 7. Recall that the company intends to discontinue support on January 14, 2020, and for participants in the Windows 7 ESU program there will be support extended until 2023 for a fee.

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