Experts have found a new way to hack Telegram accounts

  • Group-IB experts recorded several cases of Telegram hacking.

    Towards the end of the year, entrepreneurs turned to specialists complaining of unauthorized access to their profiles in the messenger. Moreover, it does not matter which operating system or operator.

    At some point, the user received a message with the access code in the Telegram service channel, and then he was duplicated on the smartphone in the form of SMS. After a few seconds, the user received a notification about the successful authorization from the new device.

    Each hacking took place on a mobile network, the attackers used disposable SIM cards. Often, the IP address of the hackers was in Samara, but it could be a substitute address.

    Specialists carefully studied the smartphones of entrepreneurs, but did not find any signs of remote hacking, virus or SIM-card spoofing. Attackers intercepted SMS with an activation code. It is understood that using insider information from the operators.

    The only reliable way to protect Telegram is two-factor authentication. When authorizing in the profile, an additional password is required, which is set by the account owner.

    1. Open the menu Settings -> Privacy -> Cloud Password in Telegram.

    2. We create a password.

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