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  • Hey Anons, I cannot do any of the things you guys do, but I felt this urge to start some sort contact with at least one of you even if it ends up being one-sided. There are always news and controversies being posted on social media, even if it happened years ago. In my case, I get them from Facebook. This group''s name pops up once in a while and I always end up looking at your involvement more in depth. I am genuinely fascinated by the things you, as a group and individuals, manage to do. The purpose of this is not to ask of anything, except a reply perhaps, but to tell you I praise and applaud what this group stands for especially in times like these when people seem to have zero privacy. It is possible that Orwell accurately predicted the future. The only flaw is the year: 2001+ instead of 1984. Also, I have no clue as to whether doing this is safe or not or some calamity is to fall upon me, after all this is a hackers'' group, but as long as no one I know is dragged into this, my mind is and will be content. Second time writing this, apparently I don''t know my email.

  • hi tanya this is the anonymous official website, we have some problems with the google and with our memebers right now but we work to fix this issue

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